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609 Milwaukee Avenue
Detroit, MI, 48202
United States

Douglas & Co. Detroit makes handmade leather goods, 100% in Detroit. Focusing on quality over quantity, Douglas & Co. Detroit values the process. The process is the most important thing to the company. The product comes from a process, one that takes place start to finish in the same space. 

Retailer Highlight : Nora Modern


Find out what is new and upcoming in Detroit by following along. Also, see our travels and adventures along the way. Introducing our newest blog series, Retailer Highlight, spotlighting our retailers and asking them a few questions. 

Retailer Highlight : Nora Modern

Douglas & Co. Detroit


Nora Modern is a design store in Midtown, Detroit. Since opening in late 2013 it has attracted customers from all over the world. When you visit this store, you simply cannot ignore how kind those working are. This is one of our favorite aspects of making leather goods, that we get to share them through beautiful spaces. Nora Modern focuses on Scandinavian and Japanese design.


Nora has been in Detroit for some time now, can you tell us some of your experiences from the last 2 1/2 years?

We've seen this area grow quite quickly in the last 2.5 years. More people are embracing Detroit and taking the time to discover what the city has to offer. We're lucky to be a part of the growth and I love seeing more and more people out and about Midtown.


Midtown, and Detroit as a whole haven’t always been the way they are now. What drew Nora to Detroit?

As a team, we're all dedicated to the city. We believe in Detroit and have found a wonderful community that we enjoy being part of. Several of us live in the city and we are all inspired by it so, why not invest in Detroit. We all are connected to design in different ways and together we're able to express different views.



What inspires your curation of products? 

We’re very much about having unique, interesting pieces, things that are well crafted, that have lasting value. We've curated a space that engages our guests with delight and will provide a collection of beautiful products that you won't see elsewhere in Detroit. Our inspiration comes from Scandinavian and Japanese culture. We're attracted to beautiful objects that can be used everyday and with each use, you appreciate them more and more. We find inspiration through our travels, our customers, design blogs, Pinterest, and Instagram. We try to build good relationships with our guests and I've had many good recommendations from them.


What design advice do you have?

Go with what you love and not what is on trend. Mix and match different textures and don't be afraid of color.


Working in the store, you meet a lot of people, what are some of your favorite memories? 

I enjoy meeting people and have been fortunate to befriend many wonderful Nora guests. We became friends with Hugh Acton several years ago and I enjoyed seeing him in our space and how excited he was to see Detroit after many years. Here we had a well known designer with an incredible design history and he was at Nora, it was unbelievable.



Nora Modern


4240 Cass Avenue, Detroit MI