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609 Milwaukee Avenue
Detroit, MI, 48202
United States

Douglas & Co. Detroit makes handmade leather goods, 100% in Detroit. Focusing on quality over quantity, Douglas & Co. Detroit values the process. The process is the most important thing to the company. The product comes from a process, one that takes place start to finish in the same space. 

Interview : Chris Daniels, Design Intern


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Interview : Chris Daniels, Design Intern

Douglas & Co. Detroit

Chris started with us this summer as a design intern, he approached us through a posting at CCS. Through his internship he designs innovative products that fit within our scope of work. His talents add a different perspective to our team; one that we would not have otherwise. 

During the week, he spends multiple hours in the studio, sketching and designing for ongoing and upcoming projects. 

Can you tell our readers about yourself, how you ended up here at Douglas & Co.?

Hello, my name is Chris Daniels. Im currently studying product design at the College for Creative Studies. Im currently going into my junior year. I ended up at Douglas & Co through CCS and my interest in apparel and fashion accessories. I was interested at interning at Douglas & Co because they had beautiful products and I wanted to be apart of it.


How did you end up where you are today?

Originally in high school I wanted to go to college to play basketball but during by junior year I tore all the ligaments in my ankle and never really got back to where I was because of all the time I missed. So, my uncle worked at CCS and told me "hey just come check it out, you've always exceeded in your art classes. Just give it a try." I went and visited and ended up loving the atmosphere and the people I met so I decided why not.


When you work in the studio, what does your day look like?

When I'm in the studio I'm always sketching new products, trying to develop new ideas and concepts to help further the brand and to add a little spice. Recently I've been working on small accessories like wallets, clutches and field notes covers and also some larger products like duffles and totes.

What are you future plans after your internship?

After my internship I plan on going back to school in the Fall. Maybe take a semester off for another internship. After college my goal is to design outerwear for a company like Adidas or Nike. 

When  you go into the studio, what is it you most look forward to?

I am most excited to be a part of bringing new and exciting products to the brand. Also, being around amazing people who help push the creative process and encourage innovative design.

How does Douglas & Co. help you in your future plans?

Douglas & Co has helped me in many ways. The main one being that now I have a better understanding of how leather goods are manufactured. learning what the challenges are and how to bring an idea from a rough sketch all the way to a sample. I'd say by the end of my time with Douglas & Co I will be confident enough to work on small soft goods on my own.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Its really nice to see a small company growing so fast and giving back to the city that they live in. Im fortunate that they brought me on to the team and I am excited for the opportunity to help. Great things are to come in the near future. 

See more of Chris' work on his Behance Profile here.