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609 Milwaukee Avenue
Detroit, MI, 48202
United States

Douglas & Co. Detroit makes handmade leather goods, 100% in Detroit. Focusing on quality over quantity, Douglas & Co. Detroit values the process. The process is the most important thing to the company. The product comes from a process, one that takes place start to finish in the same space. 


How to care for leather goods.

Leather Care

It is suggested that you condition leather several times per year, especially in areas that experience variations in the climate. Cracking may occur when leather is subjected to extreme temperatures and/or a prolonged time passes without conditioning. Leather can stretch, and rigid variations of leather can become soft and pliable over time. This is natural. Leather WILL stain; it is a permeable material. Therefore prevent oils, colorings and anything containing pigment from direct contact with leather. In the event you get liquids on the leather, immediately wipe off and allow time to dry before using.


At Douglas & Co. Detroit we believe that through simplicity and the use of natural materials, there lies an elegance to be cherished for years to come. We believe in using materials that naturally show signs of life, and although we strive to offer a product with as little imperfections as possible, all our products are handmade and constructed. Therefore slight variations may be visible from one product to another.