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609 Milwaukee Avenue
Detroit, MI, 48202
United States

Douglas & Co. Detroit makes handmade leather goods, 100% in Detroit. Focusing on quality over quantity, Douglas & Co. Detroit values the process. The process is the most important thing to the company. The product comes from a process, one that takes place start to finish in the same space. 


They create fine leather goods in the heart of Detroit. With their focus on quality over quantity they desire to bring beauty to the market of leather products. They desire to give their customers a piece of the process with every product. 



Often times we come across a product or creation and we instantly fall in love.

When we stop to think about the behind the scenes process, we are amazed. Frequently, moments are forgotten between inception and finished products; awareness is lost.

Born from a passion, Douglas & Co. Detroit was founded by two individuals living in Detroit, Michigan, husband and wife. Shane and Melissa Douglas took some time to experience exactly what takes place behind the scenes when creating handmade leather goods. As their instructor's calloused fingertips and ink stained apron showed them the intricate process behind each beautiful product, they were at a loss for words at the magnificent display of heart and perseverance. Their already vibrant passion for handmade leather goods blossomed. In awe, they came back to their hometown with the desire to create products designed with integrity.

They founded Douglas & Co. Detroit to be a lifestyle brand that celebrates the unique characteristics of individuals. Inspired by the diversity of people, the brand offers a limited run of products within a series, less than 20-50. The commitment to small production results in a creative work environment that treasures each product as it is made. It also instills in each product a rarity that increases its value, a value that the customer will prize for years to come. A certificate is included with each creation, noting the number of products in its run, as a reminder to its uniqueness. 

Each item that Douglas & Co. Detroit produces is a labor of love that is deeply rooted in Detroit. One hundred percent of the manufacturing process takes place locally from start to finish. This includes the cutting, stitching and packaging. 

In the design process, Shane and Melissa are inspired by beautiful places, beautiful design, and the beautiful people of Detroit. The culture that surrounds them shapes their products, and their products in turn contribute to the community. They are privileged and blessed to pour their heart and souls into each product. This enables customers to walk away with more than just a product; they also receive the intrinsic satisfaction of owning something fashioned from a deep rooted passion.