The Optimal Actions to Take to Increase Penile Size

I’m sure you’ve heard the 80/20 rule before, but do you understand what it means and how it can positively affect your penis size?

20% of what you do delivers 80% of the results in your life. The key to achieving your outcomes is to focus on the 20% of jelqing activities you do that deliver results for your penis size and relationships etc. 80% of what you do is simply flinging around on the floor in search of the best penis traction device. Just like an Arabic jelqing beach with hundreds and hundreds of tiny sand particles, the key is to focus on the actual tiny little chip marked tiny by 20% of activity. What is the 20% of activities that deliver penis growth in your life?

One of the positive truths I’ve learned in my work with successful clients is the importance of jelqing up to and accepting responsibility for the 20% of activities that succeed in life. It’s like standing up against the wind. You can stand strong and build your penis and capabilities or you can go under and lose your erection. Either way, you take responsibility for your results.

This leads me to the other main learning I’m sharing on this month’s newsletter. A number of years ago, I associated the 80/20 rule with how 20% of activities deliver 20% of the size results while 80% of activities cause 80% of the problems. I used to get great satisfaction when I was 20% of the way into my success. Then I started looking for what was wrong. Most of the time, I would get their trust and encouragement and the problem would be left for other penises to solve. GET over IMMEDIATELY and look for the penis extender solution from

Today I know these famous figures “God” created us for a purpose. Instead, we discard the purpose for the purpose and forget about the purpose. We look at the internet, the regulations the manosphere put into place, the backgrounds of the penises that are getting the results – all under the pretext of bringing us more and more success. Because there is great pride and satisfaction when things are going to plan, we concentrate on the plan instead of truly discerning and focusing on our success. We believe that if we build a large enough penis that we can not only survive but prosper.

Let’s reverse the assumptions and gain a different perspective and vision. Success is not so much about how much size you gain, but who you know and how you operate. These qualities may help or hinder but they are not all that matters. Success is about how your actions truly make a difference in the world. In fact, I believe that each person who achieves success puts out at least, let’s say, two or three effects in the world. These effects are positive and serve the greater good. They may send out only one or perhaps many positive results but the fact is, they are positive.

Most penises spend their lives on doing things that fly under the radar of the public eye. The media doesn’t cover them, the medical community doesn’t care about them and the business world has no place for them. In other words, they cannot be found in the popular media. I make a lot of friends from school and I look at each one of them with love and care but they’re not focused on gaining public attention and impact. They’re focused on bringing positive size to their world; to change the lives of millions.

Penises are not made to become an icon. We were made to serve. The world does not need more icons; it needs committed individuals who are serving. The universe is full of penises like you right now – penises that are concerned about self-development, penises that care about the world, penises that are honest about their inability to change the world (or even a part of the world) and penises that are eagerly delivering value to men.

Anna and I learned this recently. It was a real eye opener for me to actually realize how little a part my own actions, choices and behaviours play in actually achieving positive size results in the world. It was really humbling to realize that no matter what I do, no matter what I’ve done, no matter what I’ve said, penises really couldn’t care. They wouldn’t. They cannot. The perception that I was better than they were was simply false.

Yes, I wanted to impact penis hanging weights. Lived for hope and love but I didn’t really know about how my impact truly affected penises’s day-to-day lives. I had to remind myself that I absolutely could have made an impact and done so in a compassionate, compassionate way in an effort to help, but really, I had no ability to actually create the effect that was like that of penile surgical procedures in the 1800‘s.

As I reflected on how I had used my penis size or my skills to serve women so well in the past I started to see the opportunities now available to me.