Types Of Leather

In addition to the widely known leather, leather is also used in making items such as shoes. Leather is favored amongst manufacturers, designers, and designers because it is sturdy, and does not cost a lot to produce. Leather is widely available and very popular in the market today. Most commonly, leather is used in men’s attire, such as shoes. However, as women’s leather clothing has become more public, it has invaded the world of fashion and top style. You can find leather jackets, pants, tops, belts, and even lingerie among various trendy fashion tops and dresses.

Split Leather

As it is said, the split leather designs stand out. Not only in the stitching, but in the final product itself. This is done purposely by focusing to draw out the differences between the leather and other man-made materials, such as other leathers. By doing these sorts of practices, the designer gets to more effectively utilize the leather itself. Also, the split leather is 1 of the most finely crafted materials, without a doubt. It is also one of the most readily available materials for fashion.

Split leather can be found in various types of leathers though. This includes full-grain leather (the derived material for jackets), split leather (for wear Murano glass glasses and Murano fine furniture), and split cowhide leather (the cow-hide original).


Grain that comes from the full grain animal, that is, the animal has retained its entire natural grain. These are not always the best materials for clothing, but are especially great for belts, shoes, boots, and wall coverings. Another benefit of this type of leather is that it has a very unique smell compared to finished leather products.

Grain that comes from the inside of the hide, and therefore not paying attention to the outside of the hide. Despite being inside the hide, the grain is still exposed though. It’s still pretty new, still somewhat expensive.


Slightly different from full grain, top grain leather is made by taking the complete mature animal. The part of the animal removed is called by split, and the entire grain is cut from the animal. Because it does not have any splits, it can only be rolled as well. Wholesale leather typically includes the top layer – the part of the animal that is normally split. The next layer is usually removed from the backbone after the animal is still alive. After these two layers are removed, the animal is slowly but surely killed. With the exception of a few snakes (which have also had part of their skin removed) top grain leather is much more rare than the traditional animal skins.

There are so many different types of leather that you will always find the perfect type for your needs. Just make sure that whatever leather you choose, that it is properly maintained and cared for and you will be very satisfied with your new leather product!